As an outgrowth of PediMIND research efforts, the program now offers integrated, research-grade diagnostic and treatment services for children and adolescents suffering from mood and other neuro-developmental disorders.

The interdisciplinary team includes PediMIND Director, Daniel Dickstein MD, Clinical Psychologist, Heather MacPherson PhD, and Clinical Psychologist, Kerri Kim PhD. Other providers lending their expertise in the assessment and treatment of child psychopathology are Jeff Hunt MD, and Brady Case MD.


Clinical Services

Pediatric Mood,Imaging, and NeuroDevelopmentProgram

Clinical services offered:

1. Evaluations

     We provide comprehensive/research-grade evaluations for mood (depression, bipolar disorder, anxiety) and other neurodevelopmental problems (ADHD). Unlike standard clinical evaluations, the PediMIND Program evaluations integrate research-grade measures, including (1) structured diagnostic interviews with caregivers and children/teens, (2) targeted questionnaires completed by caregivers, children/teens, and teachers, (3) computerized tasks to probe cognitive functioning, and (4) brief cognitive screening. At the conclusion of the evaluation, the PediMIND team provides detailed verbal and written feedback to families, including recommendations for treatment.

2. New non-medication treatment study for children (ages 7-17) with bipolar disorder
     We are currently looking for children with bipolar disorder or severe mood swings to be part of a research study to test a new possible treatment. The study involves playing special video games for an eight-week period to see if these  games can "retrain the brain"-- meaning to help these children think more flexibly and better adapt to change.

3. Clinical Referrals


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