Meet the PediMIND Team

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The Pediatric Mood, Imaging, and NeuroDevelopment Research Program, or PediMIND, is dedicated to identifying biological and behavioral markers-- scans and tests--  for psychiatric illnesses in children and adolescents. We hope that our research will help improve the diagnosis, treatment, and prevention of these conditions. 

To achieve this goal, we conduct cutting-edge research using functional magnetic resonance imaging (fMRI), special computer games, and genetic analyses to determine how children and adolescents with certain psychiatric disorders differ from those without such illnesses. 

For those seeking treatment, we also provide research-grade evaluations and evidenced-based interventions on a limited basis.  

Who are we, and what do we do?

Rebecca Babcock Fenerci, PhD


Sarah Thomas, PhD

Post-Doctoral Fellow

Heather MacPherson, PhD


Pediatric Mood,Imaging, and NeuroDevelopmentProgram

Anastacia Kudinova, PhD

Post-Doctoral Fellow


PediMIND Alumni

Rachel Christensen

Amanda Ruggieri

Stephanie Jackvony

Lauren Kasoff

Erin Bojanek

​Anna Villavicencio, PhD

Jorge Almeida, MD, PhD 

Grace Cushman

Alexandra Weissman

Ezra Wegbreit, PhD

Megan Puzia

Christina Fleischer

Thania Galvan

Karen Seymour, PhD

Matthew Young, PhD

Brooke Reidy

Matthew Pescosolido

Ali Mersereau

Lisa Goldberg

Alison Baistrocchi

Daniel Dickstein, MD

Principal Investigator

Kerri Kim, PhD

Clinical Psychologist

Karen Pena

Research Administrator

Gracie Jenkins

Clinical Research Assistant

Anna Gilbert

Clinical Research Assistant

Elana Schettini

Clinical Research Assistant